Botox Treatments: Making you look more refined

Botox treatments will help fine tune aging skin. At Finesse Women’s Health, we can help you look refined and younger looking with our advanced botox treatments. The benefits speak louder than the results that speak even louder! Botox treatment can save you from the feelings you may get because of the “tired looking eyes” you may have grown up with or because of some other medical reason which has gotten under your skin, literally, and now its time to get rid of those sags, lines, and unwanted drooping facial lines that come with aging. It’s a safe and a sound treatment procedure by a qualified and licensed practitioner, Dr. Hazem Qalla.

Botox treatments by Dr. Hazem Qalla can help you fine tune your look with smooth refined lines that make up your facial areas normally where signs of aging are shown. It may not sound all that fancy, but at the end of the procedure, the fine beauty which will tunnel out of the entire experience will have you feeling refresher, revitalize, smoother thus giving you a younger looking you! Finesse Women’s Health has helped thousands of women, and men (10.2 percent), refrain from the feeling of aging with wrinkles in places they simply do not want there. 

The Doctor is in

Dr. Hazem Qalla offers “high level” services: Dermal Fillers, Botox Injections and OBGYN services. He’s earned and acquired more skills through catering to many clients that require high-end medical services such as botox treatments.  Now, Dr. Hazem Qalla anticipates servicing clients (or customers) in upstate New York. With botox injections and dermal fillers, you’ll feel and look fabulous, feeling refined with smooth lines and feeling younger than ever before.

Botox Treatments

Did you know that…

Botox medical treatments are the top nonsurgical cosmetic procedure in the U.S. among both women and men. That includes the 5.6 million times a year that people get Botox treatments (including Dysport and Xeomin) which are performed by physicians ( 2012) annually. And in 2013, 1,088,674 performed by their physician assistants and nurse injectors included botox treatments. Additionally, when it comes to cost: the cost is more affordable then you would expect from such advanced technology, efforts, and procedures by our Dr. Hazem Qalla and his team here at Women’s Health in Oneida, New York. 

What can it do for you…well, for instance, Botox medical treatments can temporarily reduce lines that are visible on your forehead, including crow’s feet.  If you’re wondering how this can take place; it’s simple, the treatment reduces the muscle contractions which is what is etched into your skin. As far as your mouth, the corners of it eventually begin to look “saggy”, Botox medical treatments can help with filling making the area look smooth, fine-lined and refined. The etched lines that are in your skin receives a Botox injected treatment which will enable the muscle contractions to slow down, thereby, filling in a smoother looking area infamously known for wrinkles. Indeed, Botox can help with all of this.

More ways than one

The two procedures are different in one being the dermal fillers and the other being botox injections.   The cost of Botox Cosmetic injections varies from one place to another and from one practitioner to another, so you’ll need to ask your practitioner what he or she charges. Additionally, every doctor is different when it comes to charging clients. One location of Botox treatments may be different from another for a number of reasons; one being location and demand for the procedure. Additionally, charging by the number of units injected can be another way of charging. One vial normally contains 100 units and depending on how many units needed, will determine price. Not including fees for procedure, and such; contact us or fill out this form so we can get back to you asap!

As for dermal fillers, this is simply another form of getting rid of wrinkles and other body nuisances that develop as we age.  Like all procedures, there are risks, but some very less likely than others, such as the botox treatments. Another way to treat aging skin is by Restylane treatments. This treatment is a “transparent FDA-approved hyaluronic acid gel” which is utilized to smooth out facial lines while helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles. And while it might not sound all that natural, no worries, the hyaluronic acid is a substance produced by your very own body.  Since this is less risk of a reaction, a naturally-derived filler will be the most beneficial. With immediate results, it does eventually break down so it does only last 3-18 months.

Other ways botox treatments can help you

Botox medical treatments for migraines are another procedure that we do here at Finesse Women’s Health in Oneida, New York. This  treatment is quick and easy and other ways botox can help is treatment for hair which can help “turn back the clock also.” Another use is using botox medical treatments for bladder problems. Yet, the greatest benefit has to be that it doesn’t affect your nerves.   Ask us more about this when contacting us by email or phone.

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